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The Hollywood Smile within your Reach!

At Bruce M. Bieber, DDS., our Bayside cosmetic dentist is dedicated to helping patients feel confident in their smile. For patients looking for a low-cost cosmetic dental treatment, Snap-On Smile is an affordable treatment option that leaves patients with beautiful, natural-looking smiles. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative cosmetic dental option then call Dr. Bieber today to schedule your consultation!

The Hollywood Smile in Bayside, NY

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile was invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford many thousands of dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over.

Snap-On Smile's unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resin makes it very thin, yet extremely strong. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile—even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth. 

For many people, Snap-On Smile can be life changing, allowing patients to regain confidence in the way their smile looks without breaking the bank. Across the world, thousands of people have used Snap-On Smile to put their best smile forward every day.

How do I get my Snap-On Smile? 

Getting the perfect smile with Snap-On Smile starts with a consultation visit to our cosmetic dentist in Bayside. During this appointment, Dr. Bieber will thoroughly examine your smile to determine your overall oral health condition and to ensure you are a candidate for Snap-On Smiles. If he finds current or potential oral health issues that may prevent the success of your final treatment, Dr. Bieber include additional treatments in your final plan.

After the initial check, patients one on one with our Bayside cosmetic dentist to address their goals and to learn how Snap-On Smiles can improve their smile. Impressions of your smile are then taken and sent to the Snap-On Smiles lab to create your unique treatment.

Once your “smile” has been created, you’ll return to our cosmetic dental practice for a final fitting and to receive instructions on wear and daily care. After, you’re free to eat, drink, and wear your Snap-On Smile all day – just remember to remove and clean it before bed each night.

How much does Snap-On Smile cost? 

Compared to traditional cosmetic dentistry like veneers, crowns, and bridges, Snap-On Smile is the only removable, affordable alternative to traditional smile make-over solutions. For patients with extensive dental damage, Snap-On Smile is a low-cost option to paying for multiple roundsto individual cosmetic treatments.

Ready to Transform your Smile? Call our Bayside Cosmetic Dentist!

If you’re ready to regain confidence in your smile, don’t wait. Call Dr. Bieber to learn how this low-cost cosmetic treatment can transform your life. In addition to Snap-On Smile, our dentist offers a number of traditional cosmetic treatment plans, including teeth whitening, veneers, and crowns & bridges.